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How to Choose the Ideal Lodging for Your Travel

When you’re planning any kind of travel, one of the critical components of your trip is where exactly you’ll stay. Some people like all inclusive resorts, while others are looking for the cheapest possible stay. Others like community style lodging like hostels. If you’re anything like us, you want somewhere nice, clean, able to fit…

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Ready to Travel the World? How to Choose Your Locations

It’s a big freaking world. Wait, just yesterday I was commenting to a friend how SMALL the world was, but you get what I mean. There are a lot of places to see and experience. How do you pick where your next trip will be? And if you’re planning an extended trip, the question gets…

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Four Steps to Walking Away and Traveling the World

In 2014 we finally did it. We sold everything and walked away. It wasn’t forever, but it was amazing. And we’ll do it again, dang it. But let me start from the beginning… It was late afternoon in June, 2013. I had just finished reading the book The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. I ran…

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We have a thaiprise for you

Thailand was three months of WOW. We didn’t blog during this time, so we’re hoping this video recap will do our amazing time there justice. We stayed and visited in and around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, Bangkok, Hua Hin, and Krabi.


Six people. Four suitcases. Six backpacks. Two man bags (as they are affectionately called around here). We’ve been asked more than a few times what we did with all of our “stuff” in Michigan and how in the world we pack for six people for one year. Let’s start with all of the “stuff.” House…

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Spain Video

Ahhhh Spain. We truly left pieces of our hearts back in Spain and can’t wait to visit again someday. A little look into our life while living in Granada, Spain…

Top 15 of 2014

Let’s face it. We’re both photographers, so yeah, photography is a huge part of our travels. So it kind of makes sense that we want to jump on the bandwagon and honor 2014 with photos, right? I recently lamented on Instagram, “There is so much beauty in the world, how am I ever going to…

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Patara Elephant Farm

This might have been one of the best days of our entire trip so far. We wanted to spend time with elephants, but wanted a place where they lived in their natural environment, were treated well, and weren’t forced to do tricks for humans. We researched and found Patara Elephant Farm. It was the most…

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HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE that our European adventures are almost over?!?? Time has flown and we are down to the last two weeks of our five month visit to Europe. Which was our favorite country? What are the pros of each? The cons? The must sees? Tips for traveling through Europe with kids? We’ll…

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Just Us

Hey there. Just a simple post today. About us, at our home in Vannes, France.

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