Six people.
Four suitcases.
Six backpacks.
Two man bags (as they are affectionately called around here).

We’ve been asked more than a few times what we did with all of our “stuff” in Michigan and how in the world we pack for six people for one year.

Let’s start with all of the “stuff.” House and cars…sold. Furniture…50% sold on Craigslist, 50% in a storage unit. As for the rest of the stuff, most of it went to Salvation Army. We only kept the larger things or important items. So, yeah, most of our life fits inside a 15×20 storage unit.

Moving on to packing. Packing one’s items into a piece of luggage and a backpack for a vacation is hard. Take that and add five more people and packing for one year of international travel seemed impossible.

The initial packing wasn’t easy, believe me. We had four large suitcases which, by the way, couldn’t exceed 44 pounds, and several backpacks to work with. When all items were gathered and ready to be packed, we realized we had about twice as much as we could pack. So, crap was cut out and our essentials became…

– Clothes. And by clothes, I mean the BARE essentials. If you’re wondering why I’m always wearing the same, boring outfits in all of our videos and photos, well, now you know why.
– Photography gear
– Video gear
– Computers and accessories
– Climbing gear
– Family games
– School books and items
– Legos
– Kindles

Annnnd, that’s about it. Seriously. I wouldn’t say we have crossed over into full minimalism, but we’re living a pretty good version of it right now. We have learned two important life lessons from this that we are passing on to you. One, you would be surprised at how much stuff you DON’T need to be happy. Two, you might be even more surprised at how much you can fit in a suitcase using the “tootsie roll” method that Travis militantly enforces.

Check out the video to see how we can rock a packing day when we are getting ready to move from one country to another.

Video from Granada, Spain. November 2014.

Posted on January 25, 2015 in Spain, Video

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